Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Busy Busy Busy

My last post was us in the snow. I'm keen to get another one posted before it stays there too long(last years snowmen stayed there all year!)
I have been very busy the last few weeks, and I will be for a few more too. I have Been involved with High Coniscliffe school's Art week. I was the textile artist, for the week and we made a felted banner for the schools reception area.
The girls were off school for half term last week. Much of it was spent winning rosettes at pony club. But we also went to the Botanic gardens in Durham. It was a frosty start, but gradually it warmed up. I had issued them with a sketch book each, to keep them busy, and it worked. I was surprised at how focused they were. We fed the fish in the green house (it was much warmer in there!) then had a half term treat in the cafe.

On Friday we went to seven stories book museum in Newcastle. There was an exhibition of Lauren Childs work (Charlie and Lola) I love the way she uses collage and scraps of fabrics to build up pictures. Also an exhibition of Judith Kerr's work and life story(Mog, and The tiger who came to tea). The images were so familiar to me, it was wonderful to see original art work of her illustrations. Her own story was just as interesting, she was a Jewish refugee who had to escape Nazi Germany as a child.

And now I am looking forward to my next project. I will be working with Middleton st. George hospital, creating a mural, again it will be felted. I have spent the past week dying pieces of prefelt. I have some designs prepared but I will post them when I am further into the project. I am quite excited and a little nervous about the whole thing!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

We love the Snow

Happy New year. I am slightly nervous about putting on a snow related post, as my last one was my only one for most of 2009. but I couldn't let this glorious weather go unposted. I actually missed out on a white Christmas, as it had disappeared at my Parents house in Sussex, but we certainly made up for it when we got back!!
At the weekend we went sledging at the farm, soooooooo much snow. Here we all are, look how prepared we are!! By the way I really haven't eaten too much Christmas pud just well wrapped up.
And Paul doing Snow Angels, I really think he loves it more than any of us.
Leia made a fantastic Snow pony but the photo doesn't do it justice. Hope you're all keeping warm where you are.


Thursday, December 10, 2009

I'm really not that bad!!

I have just spent the past 2 hours taking photos of some of the work I have made over the past year, (yes I have been making stuff, just not blogging!!). I have a terrible habit of spending a long time making something, then putting it in a box and forgetting about it, or being too critical about it and not wanting to see it again.
I have been asked to bring some scarves into a local jewelery shop 'Not the Norm' to sell, and being surprisingly organized I thought I'd have a photographic record of them before I took them in.
So making the most of the sunshine out I went with my camera. Draped over my borrowed manikin, the scarves actually look O.K.

And finally , the project which has absorbed all of my creative juices since wool fest. My hand spun, hand knitted jacob/teeswater coat.
So when I look back at what I have done, it actually looks quite respectable. Maybe if I brush up on my photography skills I could be ready for etsy? Watch this space!!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Tuesday, February 03, 2009

How deep is your snow?

So much fun yesterday, as we were covered in a white snowey blanket. We picked the girls up from school (Paul had taken a half day off work, I think he definately wins the prize for the MOST excited!!), and we set off for the farm.
wrapped up like michelin men we ventured out, with sledges and plastic feed bags. Even Granny was zooming down the slopes!!, My first attempt found me face first in the snow (Oh how they laughed).
We stayed out until it was far too dark to see, then back to the farmhouse for hot chocolate.
Looking out of the window right now, it's as if it never happened. We had rain last night and its virtually all gone. But I have a warm glow inside me that we made the most of it! Maisy had the pinkest rosiest cheeks, and I think it summed up how we all felt.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Janet Bolton

I have just come back down to earth from a fantastic weekend of creative indulgance. My Mum and I had been planning to go on a course together for many years, but life, Kids, and illness had always managed to get in the way.
So we took the plunge, and decided on a course a West Dean college, Sussex, Only 10 miles from my parents house. Janet bolton had always been an inspiring craft artist to me, and also suited mum's style of work too!
The weekend started on Friday evening, with an slide show introduction of her work, it was quite apparent at this stage that I was on the right course and I was going to have a great weekend, Janet came across as a clearly tallented but unassuming character, who liked to break the regular rules of stitching.
Saturday and Sunday we were able to have a go for ourselves, with a big basket of fabrics, plenty of buttons thread and Janets encouraging words, we were off!!
Her mantra of 'Being true to yourself' was very helpful, and we must have taken it on board, as all of our finished pieces were very personal and individual.
There were eight of us in the group and we got on really well. we were all very keen to get our heads down and work, and had to be dragged away when it was a break.
The meals were fantastic, West Dean has it's own walled garden, much of the produce ended up on our plates!! And I've never had so many puddings in my life!!
Best of all was the time I spent with my Mum, a very special time indeed.We will be talking about this weekend for a very long time.
I will post some more pictures soon of my finished work, The gardens, and West Dean Tapestry studios.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Losing the plot !!!!

I have not posted for ages, mainly because I have been far too busy with entertaining the girls through the school summer holidays. I have been 'making', but only as a means to retain my sanity. and not nearly as much as I would like.
Now the girls are back at school, and I should have more time to weave, I find myself worrying about my new Term of teaching at the Arts centre. I now have three courses on the go (weaving, felting and Tapestry weaving as well as 'in stitches' the monthly knitting cafe) No matter how many years I have been running workshops it still sends me into panic when I think the first day back.(just like being back at school).Will it ever feel any easier?
The tile of this blog refers to me giving up my allotment garden after six years, a hard decision for me but the right one. One less thing to worry about!!
No pictures today, it takes me far too long to post pictures, and I need to do some weaving, (it's good for the soul). I will put some pictures on next time.